Comprehensive Solution For Automating And Managing VAT Returns

R7VAT, the perfect VAT solution you’ve been looking for

R7VAT offers below type of ​Solutions

Fully Automated Solution

Easy Quick Mapping Process

Business Intelligence Reports

Comprehensive Dashboard

Data Sync Utility

Strong Data Validation

Easy Integration & Customization

24*7 Active Support & Helpdesk

R7VAT For Automated VAT Compliance

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Are you worried about VAT Compliance?

R7VAT helps you manage your VAT Activities i.e. Obligations, Liabilities & Payments. It also facilitates you to prepare & file the VAT Returns directly through the tool. We can help you stay compliant with government norms & avoid penalties.

R7 Approach for Automated VAT Compliance

R7VAT simplifies the process of preparing VAT returns for companies of all sizes. It offers an end to end automation that extracts source data from various business systems, performs extensive validations as per the VAT laws for the specific country and auto-populates the VAT returns.R7VAT is built using a proprietary seven step process which comprises of the steps of retrieve, remodel, recalibrate, review, return, report and record.

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VAT Management Made Easy

End-to-End solution for automating and managing VAT returns

Fully Automated

VAT returns, Audit file generation and Input tax apportionment can be completely automated

Powerful & Scalable

400+ error checks, ability to skim through millions of records and drill down from summary to line item transaction level records.

Time Efficient

Retrieve to record automation, real-time data access and increase in efficiency & productivity

Simple & Easy Interface

Access to statistics from dashboard, sales/purchase reports and reconciliation

Saves Cost

Avoid penalties, use less resources, save on costs of delay and resolve errors faster

Mitigates Risks

Complete audit trail ensures you have good governance and control on VAT management

Achieve Peace Of Mind

Manage VAT returns with complete control on the automated process and eliminate the risk of penalties.

Ensure VAT Obligations

Stay VAT complaint and follow all the obligations that you have.

Better VAT Management

Have a better control over your VAT management with fully automated and comprehensive solution.

Why R7VAT?




Why R7VAT?

R7VAT integrates and automates all your tax calculations, filings and returns, as per latest Government norms within a matter of few minutes. Here are a few more reasons to choose us!


Tax & Technology

Experienced Team


250+ Successful Installations


ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMI-3


Fully Automated

VAT Returns Preparation
FTA Audit File Generation
Input VAT apportionment
Audit Trail

Simplicity & Ease

Invoice Generation
Reconcile Forex transactions
Dashboard Reporting
Seamless integration

Power & Scalability

400+ algorithms
Manages millions of records in seconds
Macro Data to Micro Data


In-house Expertise

In-house System Integration and VAT experts.

Simplicity & Ease

Invoice Generation
Forex transactions

Speed & Flexibility

Agile Processes
24x7 Support Channels

Comprehensive Solution For Automating And Managing VAT Returns

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