R7VAT Features

Automated VAT Compliance

R7VAT uses a proprietary 7-stage methodology developed by our experts in tax & technology that extracts tax data from various source systems, validates it as per Govt tax rules and prepares it for filing the VAT returns

R7VAT Is A Choice Of Large Enterprises

We differentiate ourselves through our commitment to service, over and above the solution offering. With Cygnet’s R7VAT, you can be assured that your VAT management is in professional and safe hands. 

Business Intelligence Reports

Detailed 15+ Business Intelligence reports for the individual and group companies. Past and current views of business operations.

Comprehensive Dashboard​

Interactive dashboard displaying business intelligence charts and customer and region wise sales, purchases & VAT statistics.

Fully Automated Solution

Fully automated software solution that helps you easily Bridge the Gap between Government Tax authority and your VAT Return Filings.

Easy Quick Mapping Process

Simple mapping process. Easy to map the fields with the respective system fields.

Easy Integration & Customization

R7VAT provides seamless integration with Source ERP, CMS and accounting systems.

24*7 Active Support & Helpdesk

Support is only a phone call or an email away. Responsive & dedicated staff with expertise in VAT compliance.

Strong Data Validation

R7VAT checks if the uploaded data is in correct Government Tax authority format.  For the incorrect data the relevant validations are displayed.

Data Sync Utility

R7VAT Connector provide seamless syncing of transaction data from heterogeneous business solutions like ERPs, CMSs and Accounting software.  

Agents Dashboards

Easily View deadlines, deliverable status and resource allocation with comprehensive and dedicated agent dashboards.

Remove the stress from managing VAT.

Find out how R7VAT can help you.

R7VAT Benefits

Fully Automated

VAT returns, Audit file generation and Input tax apportionment can be completely automated

Powerful & Scalable

400+ error checks, ability to skim through millions of records and drill down from summary to line item transaction level records.

Saves Time

Retrieve to record automation, real time data access and increase in efficiency & productivity

Simple & Easy

Access to statistics from dashboard, sales/purchase reports and reconciliation

Saves Cost

Avoid penalties, use less resources, save on costs of delay and resolve errors faster

Mitigates Risks

Complete audit trail ensures you have good governance and control on VAT management


Have peace of mind, improvement in processes and better control and command