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A comprehensive multi-country VAT compliance software providing fully automated return preparation and filing

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    Simple. Powerful. Comprehensive

    Simple. Powerful. Comprehensive

    Global businesses deal with multiple challenges during VAT preparations

    Inaccurate data and insights related to VAT

    Compliance risks due to questionable authenticity of transactions

    Tedious process of managing, extracting, and using data from multiple source systems

    Cygnet Tax Tech Architect is here to help!

    Meet Cygnet Tax Tech’s Indirect Tax Compliance Platform for the UK and EU for digital VAT returns preparation.

    Cygnet Infotech’s VAT Management and compliance help VAT professionals, indirect tax heads, finance heads, group VAT leads, VAT experts, and indirect tax consultants automate the tax data collation and validation and prepare, verify, and submit their VAT returns quickly.

    Prepare your VAT return online with smart VAT Software

    HMRC - Recognised VAT Software for all Businesses

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    What we offer

    Accurate and timely VAT compliance

    • RPA & file-based data extraction
    • Automated data validations
    • Automated VAT returns preparation & adjustments
    • Global compliance tracking
    • Amazon data conversion to ready-to-file formats

    Automate VAT workflow

    • Utilize APIs and connectors
    • Massage, map and validate data
    • Prepare and conduct business intelligence (BI) analysis
    • Create comprehensive internal and external reports

    Value additions

    • RPA bots automate goods import and export reconciliations
    • Invoice OCR automates invoice entries in ERP
    • Automated audit and reclaims reports give quicker VAT refund claims

    Data Converter Utility

    Large enterprises spread across borders usually face difficulties identifying errors in huge volumes of data from multiple sources.

    Cygnet Infotech’s Data converter utility automates the processing, validating, and massaging of large sets of data reducing inaccuracy and performing smooth data cleansing before filing returns.

    Why us?

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    150+ ERP implementations, 250+ Corporate Clients and Accounting firms

    Solutions across India, UAE, UK, EU, Oman, Bahrain, KSA & more

    Comprehensive product support and customised training

    More than 125 crore transactions per annum are processed for e-Invoice generation

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