The R7 Methodology

Bridging Business Systems with FTA

Achieve End to End Automation with R7VAT

R7VAT is built using a proprietary seven step process which covers all the process from data extraction and data massaging to data validation and data population into the appropriate sections of the VAT returns. The R7 methodology also comprises of comprehensive reports and maintains archives of user activity & records 

What is R7

  • Automated robotic data extraction
  • Ready Connectors for all ERP systems
  • Data massaging
  • Convert data to FTA compliant format
  • Validate data as per FTA rules
  • Act as checker system to the maker (ERP)
  • Transaction level insights
  • Categorized error determination
  • Auto-populate VAT return
  • Generate FTA Audit File on demand
  • Intuitive dashboard for better insight
  • Reconciliation between GL and VAT register
  • Track user activities
  • Maintain records for upto 7 years

Service Features

We differentiate ourselves through our commitment to service, over and above the solution offering. With D&C and R7VAT, you can be assured that your VAT management is in safe hands. 

On Premise / On Cloud

R7VAT is available as cloud solution and also can be implemented on premise


Integration with ERP is no challenge with our ready connectors


With appropriate customization and configuration, solution can be tailored

Support & Help Desk

Support is only a phone call or an email away. Our staff is responsive and dedicated

In House Expertise

All expertise is available in house without depending on third party SI

Achieve End to End Automation with R7VAT

R7VAT is built using a proprietary seven step process which comprises of the steps of retrieve, remodel, recalibrate, review, return, report and record. 

TRACE: Data Extraction from Source Systems

TRACE: Data Mapping & Messaging

  • Data Mapper acts as data access layer that performs bidirectional data transfer between source system and targeted system to keep both the data stores independent of each other
  • Simple mapping of source data fields with tax system fields
  • Advanced XML rule based mapping of warehouse data fields with tax system fields
  • Tax determination based on Tax codes
  • Integrating data back in Source system
  • JV entries of extra applicable charges

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