R7VAT Software Solution

A fully automated solution for managing VAT in your organization

R7VAT Features

R7VAT simplifies the process of preparing VAT returns for companies of all sizes. It offers an end to end automation that extracts source data from various business systems, performs extensive validations as per the VAT laws for the specific country in the GCC and auto-populates the VAT returns.

VAT Returns

Auto-population of VAT returns in the prescribed FTA format

FTA Audit File (FAF)

On demand generation of FTA Audit File across millions of invoice records


Item level reconciliation for VAT Register vs. General Ledger across Org hierarchy

Rule Engine

Over 400 inbuilt validations as per FTA rules and field level error reports

Document Generation

Generate invoices and credit notes as required


Unique reports such as Refund claims and Currency reconciliation

R7VAT Benefits

Fully Automated

VAT returns, FAF generation, Input tax apportionment and Refund claims documentation can be completely automated

Power & Scalability

400+ error checks, ability to skim through millions of records and drill down from summary to line item transaction level records.

Simplicity & Ease

Access to statistics from dashboard, reports on GL and currency reconciliation and ability to create documents on the go.

Save Time

Retrieve to record automation, real time data access and increase in efficiency & productivity

Save Cost

Avoid penalties, use less resources, save on costs of delay and resolve errors faster

Mitigate Risks

Complete audit trail ensures you have good governance and control on VAT management


Have peace of mind, improvement in processes and better control and command

Remove the stress from managing VAT.

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