FTA Accredited Fully Automatic, VAT management Solution

Be Audit Ready, Avoid Penalties and Stay FTA Compliant.

Source system agnostic.
Multisystem and multicompany capable​
Tailormade to each client’s requirements​
  Deployable on premise and on the cloud

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    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) introduced VAT from Jan 1st 2018. To comply with this regulatory requirement, companies must re-align their systems, people and processes to fulfil the requirements of the FTA. A solution like R7VAT, which is FTA approved, can help companies automate their processes and achieve VAT compliance easily.

    R7VAT For Automated VAT Compliance

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    VAT Compliance Made Easy

    R7VAT helps taxpayers to comply with the FTA requirements to make their tax processes digital and to help prepare VAT Returns & comply with FTA regulations.

    Automate Manual Processes

    With R7VAT, automate all manual processes to increase efficiency in work and reduce errors in manual data entry.

    Easily Comply with FTA Requirements

    R7VAT helps your organization to become FTA compliant by taking care of your VAT obligations.

    Achieve Peace of Mind for VAT

    Prepare and file VAT returns with complete control on the automated process and eliminate the risk of penalties.

    Simple. Powerful. Comprehensive.

    Checker System for the Maker System
    Seamless integration with Source ERP systems
    400+ data validations
    Business Intelligence Reports
    Maintains Records for 6 Years

    R7VAT Is A Choice Of Large Enterprises

    We differentiate ourselves through our commitment to service, over and above the solution offering. With Cygnet's R7VAT, you can be assured that your VAT management is in professional and safe hands. 

    Business Intelligence Reports

    Detailed 15+ Business Intelligence reports for the individual and group companies. Past and current views of business operations.

    Comprehensive Dashboard​

    Interactive dashboard displaying business intelligence charts and customer and region wise sales, purchases & VAT statistics.

    Fully Automated Solution

    Fully automated software solution that helps you easily Bridge the Gap between FTA and your VAT Return Filings.

    Strong Data Validation

    R7VAT checks if the uploaded data is in correct FTA format.  For the incorrect data the relevant validations are displayed.

    Data Sync Utility

    R7VAT Connector provide seamless syncing of transaction data from heterogeneous business solutions like ERPs, CMSs and Accounting software.  

    Agents Dashboards

    Easily View deadlines, deliverable status and resource allocation with comprehensive and dedicated agent dashboards.

    Easy Quick Mapping Process

    Simple mapping process. Easy to map the fields with the respective system fields.

    Easy Integration & Customization

    R7VAT provides seamless integration with Source ERP, CMS and accounting systems.

    24*7 Active Support & Helpdesk

    Support is only a phone call or an email away. Responsive & dedicated staff with expertise in VAT compliance.