Automated VAT Returns, Reclaims
and Compliance Management
Solution for Europe

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    Most impacted businesses​

    Companies operating in multiple geographies, medium to large corporates, and businesses operating in multiple industries

    Wholesale and retail industry

    Professional, scientific, and technical activities

    Manufacturing industry

    Accommodation and food service sector

    Solution introduction

    For organizations with multiple entities spread across various geographies in Europe, managing multiple VAT Reclaims, Returns and compliances can be tedious and time-consuming.

    Gathering required data and transactions from different data sources and preparing the VAT Reclaims and Returns as per specific geographies becomes cumbersome, especially when the data needs to be compliant as per the govt. norms and authorities.

    Cygnet Infotech’s VAT Returns, Reclaims and Compliance Management Solution helps businesses to automate the entire workflow and process i.e., tax data collation, validating the data, and preparing, verifying, and submitting their VAT returns in specific format provided by the tax authorities with ease.

    Existing challenges that our solution can solve

    Solution offerings

    Built-in Rule Engine

    Data Extraction from Multiple Data Sources

    Automated EU VAT Returns Preparation

    Automated VAT Reclaims Preparation and Management for Expenses across Europe

    Easily convert Amazon Tax Report to ready-to-file data

    Organizational Structures Management

    Readily Integrates with BI Tools to provide Data Insights and Comprehensive Dashboards